The metabolism of each individual is different. It is important to measure it precisely in order to design an optimal weight loss plan. In our clinic we don't guess your metabolism, we measure it using state-of-the art machinery! This is done directly and with great precision.

The test is not only painless and quick but is also quite powerful.


     Our Physician Nutrition Specialist will measure your specific basic metabolic rate, the number of calories your body needs to maintain all basic physiological functions, and a safe calorie deficit for healthy weight loss. Measuring your metabolism directly will help us design a successful weight loss plan, tailored just for you.

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     Weight loss should not mean muscle loss. And it doesn't - in our clinic. We use state-of-the art, fast and non-invasive body composition analysis devices to determine the levels of muscle, fat and water in each part of your body. This allows us to design optimal nutrition and exercise plans, so you lose fat tissue while maintaining your muscles.


     Our Medical Exercise Specialist can even design exercise plans specifically for gaining muscle mass. To track progress, we repeat our body composition tests at the end of each block to precisely determine your losses and gains.



     Have you read about new weight loss medications recently and want to see if they are right for you? Or are you skeptical? You need a board-certified Obesity Medicine Specialist trained in proper use of weight loss medications to answer these and any other questions you might have.


     Pharmacotherapy should be done in a very personal manner. Only a trained specialist, just like ours, knows exactly how to prescribe any of the several FDA-approved weight loss medications available, and tailor them to your needs if necessary.


Title: New medications for obesity management: changing the landscape of obesity treatment

Authors: Nadia Pietrzykowska, Jennifer Franceshelli, Christopher Still

Journal: Current Opinion of Endocrinology and Diabetes, 2013 



     Proper nutrition is a staple of successful weight loss. With hundreds of different diets, each claiming to be the best, it is hard to know what to do. Should I use organic, probiotic, gluten-free food? Are meal replacements OK? How about a ketogenic diet? Does it make sense to follow a paleo diet if I'm not living in a cave anymore?


     Our Physician Nutrition Specialist will answer all of your questions, and evaluate and treat potential nutritional disturbances related to chronic diseases of the gut as well as other chronic and acute disease states. We will achieve success together by creating a plan just for you, and guiding you closely throughout your weight loss.


     Can you lose weight just by restricting your calories? Yes, you can. However, you’ll likely quickly regain that weight unless you make important behavioral changes. Changes in behavior are essential for maintaining successful weight loss, but of course, each person is different.


     Our Behavioral Change Specialist will first help you understand the specific reasons underlying that unwanted, excessive weight. Then, by implementing principles of positive psychology and strengths-based coaching, we will foster your self-improvement and development of healthier habits. Successful weight loss in our clinic means adjusting your lifestyle as a whole and helping you becoming a happier you.


     Can you name 3 reasons to exercise regularly? We’ll give you 10: it strengthens your heart, clears arteries, stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens the lungs, reduces blood sugar, improves your blood lipid profile, strengthens bones and joints, prevents several cancers, increases energy and lessens depression. You can have these benefits at any age. And yet, it is still difficult to keep a regular physical activity routine in our busy lives.


     Our Medical Exercise Specialist will help you stay motivated and on target. Regardless of whether you have physical limitations, or hate exercising; or maybe you’re a “gym rat” or an injured triathlete. No matter the situation, we will create your personalized, physical activity plan with achievable goals based on our principles of healthy fitness.

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