During your initial consultation with Dr. Nadia, she will work with you to evaluate and determine which techniques and procedures are best suited for your goals. All procedural details will be covered and any questions you have will be answered. Then, we will schedule your procedure; certain procedures can even be performed right away, following your consultation

Your aesthetics procedure will be scheduled to best fit your calendar. Some procedures do not require any downtime at all, while some downtime is recommended for others. Please come on time to take full advantage of our VIP room prior to your treatment. Dr. Nadia will perform the procedure, explaining every step along the way.

All procedures are documented, and we will send you home with detailed post-procedure care instructions and a 24 hr contact phone number, so you are stress-free

After a certain time, we will invite you back for a post-procedure evaluation of your success. During this follow up visit, touch-ups can be done as needed to ensure maximum satisfaction!