During this informational session with our Health Coach done over the phone, you and we will assess whether our Clinic is the right fit for you. We’re here to listen and you are here to share your concerns, medical problems, prior weight loss attempts, and lifestyle goals. You will also learn from us what we offer to make your weight loss journey a success story. If you decide, as many do, to join our Clinic, you will next book a visit to evaluate your metabolism and your body composition (booking fee of $175 will apply). We will also send you some forms to fill out to determine how better we can help you, scripts for blood work and for EKG, and provide you with an access to our exclusive app.

TEST DAY ($175)

During the Test Day you come to the Clinic and we perform two non-invasive, painless tests using state-of-the art machines to determine both, your body composition and your metabolism. This appointment can be scheduled even for the day right after your Orientation depending on availability. At the end of the Test Day appointment we will schedule you for the Initial Medical Visit, during which you will meet Dr. Nadia (booking fee of $175 will apply).


After receiving the results of all of your tests including your blood test and EKG Dr. Nadia is ready to meet you. During this telemedicine visit (via the Weight & Life MD app) Dr. Nadia will perform your physical evaluation, behavior readiness assessment, nutritional assessment, body composition and metabolism analysis; will discuss medications and the use of meal replacements; will create a treatment plan just for you. This is when your weight loss begins! 


After the Initial Medical Visit kick start your journey, you can choose among 3 main plans based on your goals: 1 month plan, 3 month plan, and 12 month plan. We can also adjust plans to your individual needs and goals. Please see the Our Plans page for more information. 

                                                      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

  • We accept several payment options: Venmo, ZELLE, PayPal, CareCredit all major credit cards and cash.

  • Meal replacements will be conveniently shipped directly to your doorsteps.

  • Your safety and convenience is our priority: most of the visits are virtual using our exclusive, mobile app.