We provide the most comprehensive weight loss plans. There are several plans for you to choose from. Each plan is oriented on reaching your goals, fitting your needs and meeting your budget. Moreover, your individual plan is further tailored to your progress by being actively evaluated and adjusted during weekly appointments with our providers. This way we maximize your chances of  success.  

  • Setting up your personalized, individual, short-term and long-term goals regarding your weight loss, nutrition, behavior, exercise, as well as improvement of medical conditions and lifestyle

  • Around the clock access to the exclusive Weight & Life M.D. mobile app

  • Convenient, remote, one-on-one, live appointments with highly-trained providers (MD or PhD)

  • Monthly appointments with Dr. Nadia (MD)

  • Weekly appointments with Health Coach/Behavior Change Specialist/Medical Exercise Specialist (PhD)

  • Access to excellent, high quality and effective meal replacements*

  • Access to all FDA-approved weight management medications**

  • Thorough and frequent evaluation of the progress

  • Improvement of lifestyle areas pertaining to nutrition, behavior and physical activity

  • Weekly adjustments of the plan to ensure staying on track

  • Acquirement of skills, tips and habits to maintain the lower weight after completing the plan

  • Focus on positivity, your success and happiness

Each Plan Contains


1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

# visits

Fee per visit ($)***















  • We accept several payment options: Venmo, ZELLE, PayPal, CareCredit, all major credit cards and cash.

  • Meal replacements will be conveniently shipped directly to your doorsteps.

  • Your safety and convenience is our priority: most of the visits are virtual using our exclusive, mobile app.

  • Please note that group appointments are discontinued, and we offer individual appointments only as per your demand.

* - Additional costs based on nutritional prescription can apply (up to about $110/wk)

** - We determine which medication you need, provide prescriptions and deal with prior authorization; availability based on your health plan coverage.

*** - Fee per visit shown for better plan comparison. All payments are per plan. Inquire for more details - schedule a consultation.